Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lost in remodeling Hell

Ripping out kitchens, painting bathrooms, tearing out carpet, laying tile and hanging blinds and window treatments. It seems like I'm always doing those things no matter where I'm living or what I'm doing professionally. We just seem to be perpetual re modelers!

Two houses ago, we swore we were done with the whole fixer-upper life but that was before we realized we'd be moving to Fort Sumner, New Mexico. It's a wonderful little town and I mean this honestly - the nicest people live here. We've lived in lots of communities but we've not lived in an area this genuinely friendly since Nashville, Indiana.

However, the housing market here stinks. There's very little available and what does come up for sale is in dire need of updating. The house we bought has no central heat and air (which we're putting in), very, very old windows (a next spring project), carpet that truly had to be replaced and all kind so of other issues we're dealing with one at a time.

Our hope for a minor update/remodel has turned into quite the upheaval. It's all good though - we will get through this sooner or later!

In the meantime, I'm getting more comfortable with my job though I'll be learning for a very long time! It's been a challenge. In the first two months, the Medical Director quit which doesn't sound that awful unless you realize the magnitude of hiring a new doctor in a remote, rural community 60 miles from anywhere. God was watching out for me though and helped me find and convince a well loved doc who worked here before that it was time for him to come back. That was nothing short of a miracle.

Mike has been working his fingers to the bone on this house and is about to go crazy with no studio set up. We went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and he bought two gi-hugic canvases. He was so excited to get them home and start setting up a painting area. Not sure what he'll be painting on them - but I'm sure it will be spectacular.

The new t-shirt line is close to being ready to come out. It's the same "Back Forty" line we had before except this time it will be featured in fancy smancy gift boxes that look like t-shirts. There are 30 designs instead of 12 and we doing some fun PR for them.

I do love my job but some days I miss having the time to do as much of Mike's business as I used to - and I do dearly miss writing. I worry that if I don't get back in the habit of writing everyday, I'll lose my voice and that would break my heart.

Once the house is done - we're both back to our creative ways!